Cross Tank Becomes Transitional Piece Du Jour

We all love that perfect summer tank top. It’s usually long (sometimes only in the back), it floats against the body in a way that it hides all our imperfections, and it makes our breasts look like they were created by the angels. The China Royal Gold Cross tank, if not perfect, comes fairly close….

China Royal Kickstarter Rewards Kick Major Butt

Anyone who’s ever backed a project on Kickstarter is familiar with the kickass rewards and incentives offered to make a project come to fruition. China Royal has upped the ante on rewards by setting incentives on a tier, expanding the offerings as the pledges increase. Tier 1 consists of two possible rewards. The basic option,…

China Royal Raising Funds on Kickstarter

On Friday, June 7, China Royal hosted its Kickstarter Fashion Show to introduce the U.S. to the brand. Hosted by Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson at Art Murmur in Oakland, CA, the fashion show was a success—the brand being widely received by guests. Now, China Royal continues on that vein with its online Kickstarter campaign. Since…

Fall for China Royal Accessible Weekend Wear

In the summer weekends are filled with excursions to the beach, picnics, garden parties, outdoor markets, and family. But by the time New York Fashion Week rolls around it’s back to fall weather, fall routines and fall trends. Weekends are filled with preparing for the holidays, school activities for the kids, apple picking, and often…

China Royal Jumps On the Bay Area Fashion Roster

The newest brand on the Bay Area list of emerging designers and fashion brands, China Royal is ready to take on the world. The brainchild of Berkeley native Shikiri Hightower Gaskin, China Royal specializes in luxury apparel for men and women on-the-go. It combines form and function, keeping lifestyle at the forefront of its designs….