China Royal Kickstarter Rewards Kick Major Butt

Tier 1 - The Butterfly Top. Own it for $27 only on KickstarterAnyone who’s ever backed a project on Kickstarter is familiar with the kickass rewards and incentives offered to make a project come to fruition. China Royal has upped the ante on rewards by setting incentives on a tier, expanding the offerings as the pledges increase.

Tier 1 consists of two possible rewards. The basic option, for a pledge of $27 is receipt of one item from the women’s fall 2013 collection, including crowd favorites like the cross tank, the 24-Carrot gold tank, and the button up. All options are available in various colors and range in size from 0 to 24, so no one is left out. But for just $10 more backers can receive a China Royal three-tee pack. Mix and match sizes and colors for ladies and gents. They’re great for layering under blazers, light sweaters, or wearing solo.

All of these items are accompanied by a China Royal iPhone sticker, and a thank you on the official China Royal website.

Tier 2 is similar to Tier one in that it includes the iPhone sticker, and the mention, but the rewards value is higher. The goodies get yummier for a pledge of $47. Backers can choose one item from the Gold Collection, valued at $100, and a China Royal tee. Both pieces mix into an existing wardrobe seamlessly, adding to your fall wardrobe staples.

Tier 3 is just as unfussy but just as generous. Backers get all the basic package goodies, including the China Royal tee, and get to an item choose from Tier 3 rewards. The entire package is valued at $175, so for a pledge of $60 it’s a pretty sweet kickback.

Those are the basic tiers. Now we’re moving to the VIP section, and the pledge requests are higher, but the rewards are tooth-achingly sweeter.

Queen/King Backers who pledge $127 receive one reward from each of the first three basic tiers. They also receive the China Royal iPhone sticker, and of course, the all important thank you mention on the official China Royal website. For Royal Couple backers who pledge $247 or more, two items from each of the three basic tiers come along with the smaller items, a tee for yourself and a tee to share, and a little website love.

For $500 a backer can really get into the heart of the China Royal brand by becoming a designer for a day. You get to participate in a meet and greet with the China Royal design team, and attend the 2014 design retreat in San Francisco. You also get to take home one item from each of the basic tiers and a China Royal tee.

For $750 five lucky fashionistas will accompany the China Royal team to Atlanta Fashion Week. You also get to take home one item from each of the basic tiers and a China Royal tee.

For $1,000 pledge you become a Las Vegas Red Carpet backer, with an all access pass to attend the MAGIC tradeshow with the China Royal team. It’s quite a bargain to be in a room with that much design talent, and such key players in the fashion retail space. Not to mention those Tier 1,2, and 3 goodies, plus the China Royal tee.

The ultimate and top tier is for true royalty. Backers who pledge $5,000 or more is considered an Emperor Backer. This exclusive pledge reward includes travel and lodging in luxury accommodations to accompany the China Royal executive team to Jamaica for the Spring 2014 Lookbook photo shoot. Wear your China Royal Tier 1, 2, and 3 pieces while you’re there taking in the warm Caribbean sun. Your comp China Royal tee will be perfect for the flight to JA. But if you want that first look of the 2014 collection, and that coveted trip you’ve got to move on it. Only five of China Royal’s most generous backers are eligible to reap this ultimate reward.

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