Daphne Wayans Shares Her Love For China Royal

DaphneWayansA mom above all else, Daphne Wayans is a worldly woman who performs even the mundane on a fabulous level. As the ex-wife of Hollywood heavyweight Keenen Ivory Wayans, with whom she has five kids, Daphne has become a parenting and relationship expert who blogs regularly on the subject on The Huffington Post. She has been featured on VH1’s “Hollywood Exes” and “Marrying The Game” for her insight and reason. She is a strong supporter of a variety of philanthropic causes. Wayans shares pieces of her wisdom and reason at www.daphnewayans.com. Now she shares her love for China Royal, as a backer who helped the brand reach its Kickstarter goal for production of the Spring 2014 collection.

How did you become a fan of China Royal? 
I got lucky! And since Shikiri’s reputation precedes her–I’d known her to be an opinion leader in fashion–that interested me in supporting her.

Why are you a Kickstarter backer?
Rather than talk about it, I want to be about it. I always want to support projects that I believe in and want to help, no matter the size. I feel like the bonus doesn’t have to be on any one single person or a few; rather, if many come together and collectively support a project then it will all come true.

What are some fave CR pieces?
I am in love with the gold stitch cream sweater.

Who are some of your other favorite designers you plan to mix and match with your China Royal?
I’ve already planned to rock it with my favorite foil Monika Chiang jeans along with my Sand Shimmer Collar Jimmy Choo heels.

How do you describe your style?
I always want my style to reflect me. I tend to not obey trends as much as I obey myself. I let the vibe of the day determine my style, which changes day to day. So, I guess you could say my style is eclectic – drawing from multiple ideas and styles that are complimentary. My other philosophy is a less-is-more approach. I can compensate for the rest with my “beingness.”

What are some trends you might indulge in this fall?
The only thing that really changes for me in the fall is that the weather cools down from what has been a blazing L.A. summer – and I welcome the coziness of a sweater, and love the warmth of all the colors. I’d love to look like a pile of fallen maple leaves.

How will you wear your rewards?
I love mixing the unexpected! I will wear my China Royal Tee with a chunky diamond necklace, ripped jeans rolled up at the bottom, and patent leather stilettos.

What would you love to see from China Royal next?
I would love to see the marriage of Chinese and Jamaican textiles reflected in the clothes.

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