Five Hot Trends To Try This Fall


As the leaves change colors we change our outlook on everything from work (we want less of it), to vacation (we want more of it), to the holidays (we become more afraid). Fortunately, we can also change our outlook on trends. And with the abundance of trends to rock this fall, it’s easy to get into the best ones. China Royal, and fast fashion retailers alike have got your covered. And we’ve got five hot trends for ladies to try this season, and where to get them!

Gold: It’s always in style and it goes with almost everything, gold is the metallic to indulge in when the leaves turn brown. The bright hue exudes royalty, class, and opulence. But luckily, it doesn’t have to break the bank. China Royal’s Gold Cross tank let’s you try the trend without going overboard, or dipping into the mortgage. Layer the tank under a sleek blazer with a midi skirt and booties, or wear it under a sheer sweater with super-skinny jeans and heels.

Novelty: Novelty can be anything from comic book jeans to heart adorned sweaters. It’s a great way to tap into your inner-child in the chicest possible way. Novelty doesn’t mean costume though, it just means creative and fun. Being playful with your clothes might make the earlier nights and shorter days feel less gloomy. Try Phillip Lim for Target’s Boom Sweaterdress, or even Batman leggings in bright colors from Forever 21.

Phillip Lim for Target Boom Sweater and Forever 21 Novelty Batman Leggings

Fringe: This late 80’s/early 90’s trend came back with a vengeance on runways a few seasons ago and is still enjoying it’s time in the spotlight. Rugged boots are boasting fringe. Skirts and tops are shredded at the bottom for a fringe effect. Even jewelry can’t escape the craze, no fashion item is safe. But fringe is executed most deliciously in leather goods–ultimately It bags. Whether high-end, fast fashion, or in-between (think department store), the fringe trend is available at every price point. Love it but still tentative? Don’t splurge. H&M’s faux leather fringe bag is super swanky and affordable.

Military: The military trend is everywhere this season, from camouflage jackets, to slim cargo pants, and duffel-like bags. Down to your feet, you can sport fashionable military inspired styles. The China Royal wedges are smart heels you can wear everyday that come in military inspired hues. In khaki or army green (top photo) they salute our boys and girls abroad, and mimic their signature colors. Worn with a peasant dress and grandpa sweater they’re casual and sweet. Take them into night with a cropped bomber, micro-mini, and aforementioned fringe date bag.

Florals: Florals are a classic that come and go as trend in different forms. This season florals are appliqued, large prints, small prints, mixed-media prints, and mixed prints with plaids and checkers. Eva Mendes’ debut collaboration with New York & Company includes a number of floral pieces for work and for play. The full skirt in black with large floral print is a classic that, paired with the right top, oozes sophisticated sex appeal, just like Eva. To give it a funky downtown look sport with the China Royal gold stitch sweater and metallic Doc Martens. That’s three trends in one ensemble without even trying.


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