Shikiri Shares Her Fall Must-Haves And Secrets

Shikiri at fashion showAs summer ends and we begin to pull out our favorite jackets and tall boots, the China Royal team is working hard on the Spring 2014 collection—in fashion we always look to the future. Shikiri Hightower-Gaskin took a break from swatch buying and sample inspecting to gush about how she transitions to the incoming season.

What do you look forward to the most about fall?

Shikiri: What I love most about fall is wearing my favorite coats. I have been afforded an amazing collection of the most beautiful Roberto Cavaili, Gucci, and Chanel winter coats. I love when I have an excuse to rock them.

Besides Bela, what is your fall go-to accessory?

Shikiri: Cashmere is a must for me in the fall. I enjoy wearing all things cashmere—socks, pants, sweaters, coats, even underwear!

If you could name the it bag of all it bags what is it?

Shikiri: Hermès Birkin bag.

Do you own one?

Shikiri: Getting one was such a challenge, at the time, although I could afford one, I could not get one. Every Hermes store I passed I approached hoping they would have one in stock, I was on “the list” but was never called. Then while vacationing in Hawaii I got a call from Hermes Honolulu. They had a Birkin. We cut our trip short just so I could get that bag.

Was it worth it?

Shikiri: Last  year when I needed funds to begin China Royal I sold it on Ebay for almost double what I paid for it.  My Birkin (not mine anymore, it was shipped to Abu Dhabi) was the first China Royal investment. It was well worth it.

Shikiri posing at home in her cropped gold sweaterWhere did the fall inspiration for China Royal come from?

Shikiri: Gold is a central theme in fall. I have the gold collection of sweaters that are so beautiful. Everything in the line goes with gold.

What is your favorite piece from the China Royal collection?

Shikiri: The entire collection is my favorite but three items I can’t imagine not having in my wardrobe are the crop gold and black sweater, the butterfly top, and the cut out dress. The crop sweater goes so well with black skinny leather pants even a mini or short shorts too. The butterfly top is so versatile. When I’m feeling bloated, that’s my go top. When I want to feel sexy, let out my inner Rihanna, I rock my cut out dress. It’s super sexy, so I wear it with the black cashmere cardigan. That way I can go out to dinner and look classy, then take off the cardigan and show some skin when it’s time to go dancing.

Which designers do you plan on mixing your China Royal wardrobe with?

Shikiri: Tracy Reese, Gucci and Alexander Wang go so beautifully with China Royal.

Do you switch up your beauty routines for fall?

Shikiri: For fall beauty the only thing I really switch up is my hair. In the summer, for swimming and sweating, I rock my curls but winter calls for my blow dried, silky straight look.

How do you keep your hair looking its best through all seasons?

Shikiri: Deep conditioner, a dope hair cut from Neil Weisberg at Meche—he’s been cutting my hair for fifteen years—and a healthy straighten, from my longtime hairdresser Brownie Sims at The Brownie Brush Salon. Those three ingredients keep my hair healthy, growing and fly!

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