Shikiri Shares Her Summer Must-Haves

Summertime is a season to indulge in new routines, new beauty faves, new places, and of course new style trends. As the summer wraps up and Fall comes blasting in, it’s the perfect time to squeeze in last minute vacays and Labor Day trips. A travel buff herself, Shikiri Hightower-Gaskin is always inspired by the things she sees, smells, and hears during her travels. As she loves 90+ degree temperatures and the beach, summer is her favorite season. And for her favorite season certain items are a must to keep this California girl happy (often year-round). She shared what keeps her smiling and cool through the warm summer months in the Bay and beyond.

Cross Tank Becomes Transitional Piece Du Jour

We all love that perfect summer tank top. It’s usually long (sometimes only in the back), it floats against the body in a way that it hides all our imperfections, and it makes our breasts look like they were created by the angels. The China Royal Gold Cross tank, if not perfect, comes fairly close….