My mom is Chinese and my dad is Black. I don’t meet a lot of people like me, but while traveling I discovered a term to describe our unique mixture. They call us…China Royal. These two distinct backgrounds have made me who I am and defines my clothing line. It’s a blending of cultures, a lifestyle where as long as you have a dream, you can be anything you want to be.

Twelve years ago, I opened the doors of my first luxury boutique. Essence Magazine called it “a must-stop for Hollywood” and an “ultrachic shopping experience.” A pair of jeans sold for over $300 and an outfit would cost at least $500. I dressed Hollywood stars who could pay astronomical prices.

I always knew I wanted to design my own clothing line, an affordable one. I believe everyone is special and everyone deserves to feel that way. China Royal is attainable luxury, representing elements of things that I find sacred. Being socially aware, embracing culture, being fly, being a wife, being a mother, embracing being Black and Chinese. And doing it all beautifully and effortlessly.

You’ll see all of that in the clothing line and I hope to inspire that same sentiment in everyone who wears the brand.

Signed by Shikiri