China Royal Launches Ling Fung

“Fashion House Reveals Swimsuit Line Perfect for Winter Escapes”

Ling Fung by China Royal is the new brain child of CEO, Shikiri Hightower-Gaskin. “Ling Fung by China Royal is our private label lifestyle brand focusing on beautiful, affordable pieces,” she said.

Ling Fung is also Shikiri’s middle and Chinese name. It means Limber Phoenix. The beautiful, strong bird that rose from the ashes. China Royal embraces the legendary story of the Phoenix and draws much inspiration from it.

Hightower-Gaskin notes, “When the Phoenix resurrects from the flames, she is even more beautiful than before. I’ve been through some flames, only to always come out better. Flexibility has always been the key.”

What makes Ling Fung different from China Royal is where the goods are made and price. China Royal is made in America. The price, fabric, and quality also reflect that.  Ling Fung, conversely, is “made throughout the world, allowing us to be more creative with our pricing.”  When asked from where she gets the inspiration behind the pieces in Ling Fung’s debut collection, Hightower-Gaskin says, “They’re dope, luxurious, bargains I’ve found throughout my world travels.”

The company notes its plans to launch the first collection in time for Resort 2018, which for Hightower-Gaskin is “perfect because my husband, the men’s muse and designer, has been working in the Virgin Islands, causing my current gear to have primarily a very cruise, resort vibe.”

Own this look here:



Shikiri Turns 40! #40DaysOfFitness

On April 24th I turned 40 years old. I am a firm believer that age is nothing but a number. That the spirit inside of you truly defines your age. About eight months ago my family, we moved to New Orleans, Louisiana from Oakland, California. Two months ago, leading up to my birthday I looked in the mirror and my inner spirit was screaming loudly, “take better care of me!” and “work out!” “eat healthier!”). Nola living is good, rich and relaxed. For example, the entire city shuts down to celebrate Mardi Gras (two weeks of massive parades and parties), music (all genres but particularly jazz and Beyoncé) is embedded in the culture and the food is so good (and fattening)!

Every year I try to use my birthday as a time of self-reflection, a time of self-evaluation and most importantly a time of self-love. In my life I feel extremely stretched, as CEO of China Royal, 5 months into my executive MBA program at the Freeman School of Business at Tulane, I recently began hosting and producing a new radio show, “The Praise Report,” all while being wife and mother to our four children, Maia (20), Keyshawn Jr. (17), Maya (12) and Monique (5). God is so good.

When I scheduled to do my 40 days of fitness, 40 consecutive days of fitness, I was not excited or happy about it. The first week was tough. But as the days went by, the challenge began to be apart of my routine, remembering to etch out a space for it during the day or night. For accountability, I put the challenge on social media. Although I had a schedule of work outs, I didn’t always follow it, but I always did workout. The last two days of the challenge were, for me, the most rewarding. On the 39th day I ran in the Diva Run half marathon (13.1 miles). On the 40th day I gloriously finished the challenge in City Park doing yoga.

Below are some of my favorite days and here is the link to the entire challenge #ShikiriIsTurning40! Thank you all for helping me push through it and your kind words on social media! Please tune in every Wednesday to the, “Praise Report,” 10AM-1PM CST, Nola time, streamed worldwide on, 8-11AM PST and 11AM-2PM EST. I’m looking forward to including you all in the challenges and collectively we can forever grow, learn and get better on this beautiful journey!

“And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” (II Corinthians 12:9-10 NKJV)

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China Royal Celebrates Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year from China Royal! To celebrate this special occasion China Royal is giving 50% off all merchandise! Use code: ChineseNewYear at check out to enjoy the discount. As always, shipping is free.

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year from China Royal! (Press Play on Photo, it’s a Video) 

Here’s a short video from New Orleans’ City Park:

Happy New Year!!! #Sweet2016

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Celebrating Kwanzaa We’re Giving 50% Off!!!

Celebrating Kwanzaa’s Ujamaa, Cooperative Economics, China Royal clothing is offering half off all merchandise. Use the “KWANZAA” coupon code at for the discount.

Ujamaa/Cooperative Economic: “Commitment, duty, and obligation to promote and help build and maintain cooperative enterprises and initiatives the services of the family, neighborhood, and the human good.”

Below is Shikiri, China Royal CEO, celebrating Kwanzaa’s Ujamaa principal last year at Coffee With a Beat in Oakland, CA:

#Proud to celebrate #Ujamaa #Cooperativeeconomics #Kwanzaa

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Kwanzaa was created to introduce and reinforce the 7 Principles and reinforced the bonds of family and community.  The Seven Principles were viewed and still remain the “moral minimum” set of values which African Americans need to strengthen and make more effective families and family systems. The values embedded in the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa are interlocking and align together and synergistically produce an outcome greater than each of the values isolated individually.

The Ujamaa/Cooperative Economic principle is grounded in the unselfish concern for and devotion to the material well-being of others. To be sure, this principle sets in motion a “thick set of concentric circles of obligations and responsibilities evolving round levels of relationships radiating from the biological and extended family to the wider circumference of the neighborhood and others.

African Americans have a tradition of practicing mutual aid in the context of family, extended family, and church. The principle of cooperative economic encourages and instructs blacks to channel the practice of mutual aid into a strong movement of modern cooperatives, which is the practice of pooling together and leveraging financial resources and sharing in the benefits which those resources yield.

Ujamaa is not just an economic theory or approach, but a way of living, in fact a smart and ethical way of living. African proverbs affirm this: “If you do not allow your neighbor to reach nine you will never reach ten,” and “One person’s path will intersect with another before too long.” Hence, success that must be accrued to cooperative living and economic depends very much on each member of the family and community demonstrating a high degree of moral responsiveness and sensitivity in relations to the needs and well-being of other members.



Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas from China Royal!!!  (Press Play on Photo, it’s a Video) 

We’re celebrated this special holiday season in our new city, New Orleans! Here are some memories:

After the show! #ChristmasInNola #Rockin #ChinaRoyal #blessed

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#AboutLastNight! How #beautiful are these decorations?! #WeLoveNola #ChristmasInNola #blessed (Press Play on Photo, it’s a Video) 

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#ChristmasInNola #blessed

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#ChristmasInNola #blessed

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#Christmas with my #love. #ChristmasInNola #blessed

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#MerryChristmas! #HappyBirthdayJesus #ChristmasInNola #blessed

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To Celebrate 39, Shikiri Does #39DaysofFitness

In celebration of my 39th birthday I decided to prove what Aaliyah once beautifully sang: “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number.”

Here are some highlights:

Focusing on my #purpose. #Thankyou #Lord! #39daysoffitness #day3 #power #yoga with #weights #letsmove

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Celebrate 4th of July Weekend with Encore China Royal Fashion Show

The Fourth of July might be over, but it’s still a celebratory weekend. And in case you missed the fireworks Thursday night, China Royal has promised to deliver on a show full of sparkle.

Back by popular demand, Shikiri Hightower-Gaskin and her grande new cross-cultural clothing brand are hosting an encore fashion show. China Royal’s Weekend Wear Fall 2013 line will be presented, nightclub-style, at the Historic Geoffrey’s on Saturday evening.

Because it’s a celebration, the China Royal team is welcoming guests to toast the success of the Fall launch with them. From 7:30 to 8:30 complimentary champagne will be provided so guests can make their Fourth of July weekend a China Royal weekend too. Doors open at 7:30 and are open to the public, and the show is free. At 8:30 Geoffrey’s will host its usual Saturday night jam (see Official Geoffrey’s website for dress code and their cover information).

It’s a celebration weekend—and there’s no better way to celebrate than with fabulous fashion and crisp glasses of bubbly. Grab the girls and get dolled up, or call up the boys and get fresh, because everyone will be out to see and be seen with the beautiful China Royal crowd. “Can I get an encore!” Check out our last fashion show.