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Ujamaa/Cooperative Economic: “Commitment, duty, and obligation to promote and help build and maintain cooperative enterprises and initiatives the services of the family, neighborhood, and the human good.”

Below is Shikiri, China Royal CEO, celebrating Kwanzaa’s Ujamaa principal last year at Coffee With a Beat in Oakland, CA:

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Kwanzaa was created to introduce and reinforce the 7 Principles and reinforced the bonds of family and community.  The Seven Principles were viewed and still remain the “moral minimum” set of values which African Americans need to strengthen and make more effective families and family systems. The values embedded in the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa are interlocking and align together and synergistically produce an outcome greater than each of the values isolated individually.

The Ujamaa/Cooperative Economic principle is grounded in the unselfish concern for and devotion to the material well-being of others. To be sure, this principle sets in motion a “thick set of concentric circles of obligations and responsibilities evolving round levels of relationships radiating from the biological and extended family to the wider circumference of the neighborhood and others.

African Americans have a tradition of practicing mutual aid in the context of family, extended family, and church. The principle of cooperative economic encourages and instructs blacks to channel the practice of mutual aid into a strong movement of modern cooperatives, which is the practice of pooling together and leveraging financial resources and sharing in the benefits which those resources yield.

Ujamaa is not just an economic theory or approach, but a way of living, in fact a smart and ethical way of living. African proverbs affirm this: “If you do not allow your neighbor to reach nine you will never reach ten,” and “One person’s path will intersect with another before too long.” Hence, success that must be accrued to cooperative living and economic depends very much on each member of the family and community demonstrating a high degree of moral responsiveness and sensitivity in relations to the needs and well-being of other members.



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