China Royal Featured on The Root!

We’re so excited that China Royal is featured on The Root’s, “50 Gift Ideas From 50 Black-Owned Businesses!”

From The Root:

Swahili the term for cooperative economics—to build and maintain black institutions—is “Ujamaa.” In an age when many black-owned businesses have been forced to shutter, there isn’t a better time to support them than now. And why deal with all the Black Friday craziness when you can just hop online and find the perfect gift? From established to newly created, these businesses can cater to your needs this holiday season…

China Royal is image 45! Here’s what they say about us:

Shikiri Hightower-Gaskin is the mastermind behind China Royal. She opened her first high-end boutique in Los Angeles in 2001. Since then her fashions have been lauded by Essence and other influential magazines. With that kind of pedigree, China Royal should be on your holiday shopping list.

Check out the entire article here!


The Root


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