China Royal Launches Ling Fung

“Fashion House Reveals Swimsuit Line Perfect for Winter Escapes”

Ling Fung by China Royal is the new brain child of CEO, Shikiri Hightower-Gaskin. “Ling Fung by China Royal is our private label lifestyle brand focusing on beautiful, affordable pieces,” she said.

Ling Fung is also Shikiri’s middle and Chinese name. It means Limber Phoenix. The beautiful, strong bird that rose from the ashes. China Royal embraces the legendary story of the Phoenix and draws much inspiration from it.

Hightower-Gaskin notes, “When the Phoenix resurrects from the flames, she is even more beautiful than before. I’ve been through some flames, only to always come out better. Flexibility has always been the key.”

What makes Ling Fung different from China Royal is where the goods are made and price. China Royal is made in America. The price, fabric, and quality also reflect that.  Ling Fung, conversely, is “made throughout the world, allowing us to be more creative with our pricing.”  When asked from where she gets the inspiration behind the pieces in Ling Fung’s debut collection, Hightower-Gaskin says, “They’re dope, luxurious, bargains I’ve found throughout my world travels.”

The company notes its plans to launch the first collection in time for Resort 2018, which for Hightower-Gaskin is “perfect because my husband, the men’s muse and designer, has been working in the Virgin Islands, causing my current gear to have primarily a very cruise, resort vibe.”

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