China Royal in the Year of the Horse

ChinaRoyal-YearofHorse_mainThe year 2014 is the Year of the Horse (Stallion) on the Chinese calendar, and it is said to embody a sense of romance and fascination for all. It will offer an array of opportunities and personal success, according to Daily Horoscopes. As the horse is symbolic of travel, speed, success, leadership, passion, romance and freedom, the year promises to be filled with a robust social calendar and a wild ride for all.

For China Royal 2014 is “our year to win,” said founder and creative director Shikiri Hightower-Gaskin. The horse will show up on tees and sweatshirts in the men’s line, and infuse that passionate energy for which the animal is known. Since China Royal women love tunics and halters the team has found creative ways to incorporate those silhouettes in the upcoming Fall 2014 collection. Even in the cold weather seasons the brand fundamentally has a Spring feel. Substituting fabrics like chiffon for cashmere, and switching out the color palette and respective hues is how China Royal accommodates the seasons. But even as the year (of the horse) progresses the China Royal look maintains.

What’s Shikiri’s focus for the year of the horse?

“I’m the year of the dragon. This should be a good year for dragons, as horses and dragons together have great energy. Health and wealth abound,” she said. “As for China Royal, no matter the year our brand lovers can always expect outstanding quality and design at an affordable cost.”
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